Beet campaign: discover our semi-trailers for your beet transport

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Beet campaign: discover our semi-trailers for your beet transport

As usual, the sugar beet campaign starts around the third week of September. This is the perfect time to start harvesting the beet. In the following 3 to 4 months, the beet is harvested, transported to sugar refineries, and processed into sugar, sugar cubes, icing sugar and so on.

Beet transport with the Agrostar tipper

When transporting beets during the beet campaign, many companies rely on the STAS Agrostar tipper. The Agrostar tipper is perfect for bulk transport of agricultural products such as beets, potatoes, beans and even grain. The tipper's low weight provides more loading capacity, allowing the driver to transport more beets in one trip. However, you do not have to sacrifice on stability. Thanks to the 1.400 mm wide chassis, you always enjoy an extremely stable tipping experience, even on uneven surfaces. Extra stability is provided by an integrated tipping pivot and a box member in the rear that counteracts torsional forces in the chassis. The tipper's low weight combined with its high stability and the specialised options available make the Agrostar the perfect tipper during the beet campaign.

Beet campaign with the Farmstar moving floor trailer

Overall, we are seeing a big shift from using tippers to moving floor trailers when transporting beets. Not only because the farmers' yards are often narrower and a shorter walking floor trailer is easier to manoeuvre. Drivers use the Farmstar moving floor trailer to transport beets to the factory and then pick up beet pulp to take back to the farmers. They, in turn, use it as animal feed. However, beet pulp is a very sticky substance that is easier to unload with a moving floor trailer. Tipping with beet pulp can be very dangerous and can lead to perilous consequences. When these two types of transport are combined, you are better off switching to a moving floor trailer.

Specialised options

The Agrostar and the Farmstar are both designed to meet the specific needs of the agricultural sector. The specialised options ensure that the semi-trailer can be fully manufactured to your specific needs. You can choose to install a beet rear backdoor on a tipper. The backdoor works like a standard rear door but is made of aluminium beet mesh, making the beet door more than 100 kg lighter than standard rear doors. Keep in mind, as the trailer is lighter, this allows for more loading capacity! On the unloading quay of the beet factory, it often happens that the driver is not allowed to leave the cabin. The optional pneumatic underrun bar and the standard opening of the locking hooks on the door ensure that the driver can perfectly unload his cargo without leaving the cabin.

To easily unload the sticky beet pulp with a Farmstar, a reinforced trailer is often chosen. The trailer is equipped with reinforced rollers and a reinforced moving bulkhead at the front. In combination with these reinforcements, a fully automatic sheeting system is often chosen.

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With the Agrostar tipper or Farmstar moving floor trailer your beet harvest will be efficient and carefree. If you have any questions, feel free to contact your local dealer via the dealer finder:

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