Construction tippers: the perfect mix of functionality, durability and design

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Construction tippers: the perfect mix of functionality, durability and design

Tippers are indispensable in the construction industry. They are used to move heavy building materials and raw materials around construction sites. It is essential for tippers to be robust, as they often handle rough and rugged materials. These tipping trailers make construction projects run more efficiently and smoothly and ensure a safe working environment.

The design of the Buildstar, Buildstar X and U-Rockstar STAS tippers plays an important role in their functionality and performance. Thanks to the clever design of STAS tippers, there is a fine balance between product strength and net weight. This is necessary for transporting large quantities of construction materials. Moreover, the tipping trailers are equipped with safety features and ergonomic elements such as handles, buttons, ladders... which make the trailer user-friendly.

STAS construction tippers are designed with several features that make unloading materials easier and improve safety. For example, they have a semi-circular, tapered body that distributes materials evenly across the width of the body. The angled corners in the lower edge of the body make it easier to unload materials, and the double-wall plank profile provides extra strength and durability.

The three STAS construction tippers

STAS offers 3 different tipping trailers in the construction segment. Each tipper has its own unique features and is designed for a specific application.

The U-Rockstar is a heavy-duty tipper built to transport coarse construction materials, asphalt and demolition waste. The semi-circular steel body is made of wear-resistant steel (HARDOX or HB450) and ensures a stable tipping experience, making it more resistant to the rough construction site. The U-Rockstar is available in different volume variants: from 24 m³ to 31 m³, and with customisable options, such as the universal double-action rear door, the hydraulic rear door for U-Rockstar, mudguard protection for U-Rockstar. The U-Rockstar is also available with tandem axles (2 axles instead of 3 axles) making it more compact and easily manoeuvrable. The axles can handle up to 12 tonnes of load each, this combined with the larger tyres ensures that the U-Rockstar can stand its ground on the roughest terrains.

The Buildstar is a lightweight tipper ideal for transporting a wide range of construction materials such as sand, gravel and asphalt. With a 100% aluminium chassis and tipper body, the Buildstar offers the perfect combination of durability and low net weight. The Buildstar's side walls consist of plank profiles, which not only provide insulation but also reduce impact damage from the inside. This Buildstar tipper is available in volumes from 26 m³ to 48 m³.

The Buildstar X is an all-rounder designed for transporting lighter construction materials in residential and road construction. Unstoppable thanks to its compact and tapered design, this tipping trailer is built to perform powerfully on any terrain. Thanks to the specialised option of aluminium wear plates on the inside of the body, the Buildstar X can handle the most coarse materials without any problems. With volumes ranging from 24 m³ to 31 m³ and numerous available options, such as insulated bodies for asphalt transport, the Buildstar X is the best choice for construction companies looking for efficiency without compromising on performance.

The U-Rockstar, Buildstar and Buildstar X tippers are indispensable forces in the construction industry. The U-Rockstar excels at transporting heavy construction materials and asphalt. The Buildstar is ideal for transporting building materials for residential and road construction while the Buildstar-X, with its optimal combination of strength, lightweight and elegant design, is ideal for transporting lighter materials such as sand and gravel. With their robust construction, durable materials and focus on functionality and safety, STAS tipping trailers are the perfect partners for construction companies striving to perform out their tasks seamlessly and efficiently.