Remote control for walking floor trailers

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Remote control for walking floor trailers

Did you know STAS has developed a custom remote control to fully operate your moving floor trailer? The wireless remote is customizable to align with the options on your moving floor trailer and your needs. In addition, the remote can replace and even combine any other remotes you may have. Do you have a remote for your rear doors, another for the sheeting system and one for the moving floor system? This custom remote replaces all these remote controls making sure you only need one device to rule them all.

The custom remote supports up to 10 actions. At the bottom of the remote we have 2 options which are always included:

  1. The most important one: the on/off button which activates or deactivates the remote control. While driving, it is advised to turn the remote off to ensure nothing gets activated while driving to your destination.
  2. The most eye-catching button: the red cross. This button shuts down your moving floor system in an instant.

Furthermore, there are many other functions that can be added to your remote control depending on the options installed on your moving floor trailer:

The benefits of a remote control

As the driver and operator of the STAS walking floor trailer, you can easily operate your trailer from a distance. With the remote control you can operate the system safely from a distance, reducing the risk of accidents. The remote is equipped with self-explanatory icons which makes operating the trailer very easy.

Moreover, this custom remote control also saves you time because all the options of your moving floor trailer can be operated by using one single remote control.

Watch our custom remote control in action:

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