Semi-trailers in the recycling segment: Ecostar VS Ferrostar

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Semi-trailers in the recycling segment: Ecostar VS Ferrostar

You can see our STAS trailers on the highway each day, but have you ever wondered what those drivers are transporting? When you see an Ecostar or Ferrostar on the road, it will often be carrying recycling materials such as biomass, glass, scrap metal, household waste, PMD, wood or paper. The proud STAS drivers take the waste to the appropriate recycling parks for waste disposal and we at STAS provide solid, durable trailers for transport. In this way, we all do our bit to make our society more sustainable.

Worldwide, 2.01 billion tonnes of municipal waste are produced annually. This equates to 0.74 kg of waste per person per day. Within the recycling segment, we have two trailers that specifically focus on the transport of waste: the Ecostar walking floor trailer and the Ferrostar tipper trailer.

Do you work in transport and are you still looking for the right trailer for your transport, but you have no idea which trailer best suits your needs? Although both vehicles are used within the recycling segment, they are very different! Let’s have a look at the main differences and their advantages.


A first factor that may influence your choice is the type of cargo to be transported. Is the focus on coils, glass or scrap, or other materials containing metal? Then you should choose the steel Ferrostar tipper. The Ferrostar is resistant to highly abrasive materials and can take a knock from a car wreck, coarse construction rubble, etc.

If you prefer to transport materials with a large volume, such as waste from construction or demolition, household waste, PMD, wood or paper, the Ecostar moving floor trailer should be your top pick.

Aluminium versus steel

The Ferrostar tipper is constructed entirely of steel to withstand abrasive materials that may scratch the trailer. Thanks to the sturdy steel we use, you have minimal damage from the load.

The Ecostar walking floor trailer is made of aluminium, the chassis can be made of steel or aluminium. When you choose aluminium, you choose a lighter trailer, and you can therefore transport more payload. Definitely a perk to be considered!

Moving floor trailer versus tipper

An additional aspect to consider is the way the cargo is unloaded. A tipper will always have to find a sufficiently solid place to tilt and avoid the danger of tipping over. If unloading takes place indoors, there must of course be sufficient height to tip the tipper up to the maximum and unload the cargo completely.

A walking floor trailer is slightly safer as there is no danger of it tipping over. When a load must be unloaded inside, a moving floor trailer offers the best solution as the driver does not have to consider the height in the building. A lot less to worry about for the driver!

Specialised options

There are many specialised options available for both the Ecostar and Ferrostar. As these are rather linked to the load, they differ considerably. We list the most frequently chosen options for both semi-trailers:

  • There are 2 different ways to provide extra protection for the tarpaulin on the Ferrostar. You can opt for a protective aluminium cover or a cover with a rubber protection that protects the cover from possible damage when filling the tipper. In addition, you can opt to operate the system from the ground.
  • Thanks to a tipper vibrator, you can easily unload sticky loads. This option literally vibrates your load loose.
  • Mudguard protection prevents large debris from damaging your trailer.
  • The integrated coil well for the Ferrostar allows you to transport coils safely.

For both vehicles, the automatic tyre air pump system is a popular option. This option maintains pressure in all tyres and allows the driver to finish his route if any of the tyres are punctured. The schedule can be maintained, and repairs can be scheduled at a time that best suits the driver.

Ecostar VS Ferrostar: the conclusion

The best solution depends heavily on your needs. What materials will you be transporting? Do you have sufficient stability at the unloading points and enough height to be able to tilt? Do you prefer the robust steel tipper or a lighter walking floor trailer in aluminium? Contact your nearest STAS dealer, we'll be happy to help you make your choice.

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