STAS Top Employer 2022

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STAS Top Employer 2022

For the second year in a row, STAS can call itself a Top Employer! And that is no mean feat. For us, this is tangible proof that we are on our way to becoming a future-proof organisation that is fully committed to its employees, the planet and high-quality, sustainable products.

Top Employers Institute

The Top Employers Institute has been the worldwide authority for certifying excellent working conditions since 1991. It is a certification programme that helps companies to assess and improve the working environment. Since its inception, they have audited and certified more than 1,800 organisations in 123 countries. Obtaining this certificate means that you can hold your own against the best companies in the world!

84 top companies

Alongside 83 other companies in Belgium, STAS belongs to the cream of the crop. STAS was thoroughly screened in 6 domains: steer, shape, attract, develop, engage and unite. These domains look at the people strategy, how the company is structured, how the work environment is organised, how employees can develop themselves, the values that the company and its employees propagate, how new employees are attracted and how we involve our employees in the business operations.

The result? STAS does a great job!

STAS is Top Employer

STAS distinguishes itself by a flat structure: we give our employees full confidence. We believe in the expertise that our employees have and therefore they deserve autonomy and decision-making power. We work with self-managing teams per product category (read: tipper and moving floor trailers). In addition, each employee has a personal challenger who helps you to develop fully on a personal and professional level. Together with your challenger, you make an annual action plan to further develop your skills and achieve your professional goals. On a weekly basis, we also conduct a mini questionnaire with our employees, asking them about pleasures (what went well, what can be celebrated) and unpleasures (what could be better or what is not going well today). In this way, we keep our finger on the pulse of what is going well and we can celebrate this, or quickly intervene where things are not going so well.

The achievement of the Top Employer certificate is only possible thanks to the efforts of all STAS colleagues, for which we are grateful!
#teamstas for the win!

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