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Load-specific options

Load-specific options are tailored to the type of cargo being transported. The aim is to make loading and/or unloading a specific cargo as efficient as possible. Some options that can be used for both moving floor trailers and tippers are the vacuum vent and ventilation grilles.

While loading and unloading a moving floor trailer, numerous options can make this process easier for the driver. The Cleansweep is the automatic version of the standard moving bulkhead. After unloading, the moving bulkhead automatically retracts to the front bulkhead. The pneumatic floor sheet ensures that no residual load remains in the semi-trailer after unloading.

The floor of the moving floor trailer can be tailored to specific loads by choosing overlapping floor planks, useful when transporting fine-grained loads. Lashing rings allow you to attach pallets with straps. Thanks to these lashing rings, you can take pallets with you on your return journey, making transport much more efficient.

For grain transport, you can opt for an integrated funnel at the rear of the moving floor trailer so that the grain can be unloaded precisely into the unloading pit. It is also possible to provide an integrated coil well for the Ferrostar. This integrated coil well comes with a load-securing system and lashing rings allowing a return load to be transported.

For asphalt transport, it is possible to fit insulated side walls for the U-Rockstar tippers. This integrated insulation layer maintains the temperature in the body so that the asphalt can be transported over longer distances.