Summer trailer prep: essential tips for a smooth journey

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Summer trailer prep: essential tips for a smooth journey

With temperatures rising and the roads beckoning, it is time to prepare your trailer for summer. Proper preparations ensure smooth and safe journeys, with maximum efficiency and longevity. We give 8 essential tips to make sure your tipping trailer or moving floor trailer is all set for the hottest months, in addition to 3 more tips specific to your type of vehicle. But let's start at the end of winter!

Aftercare after winter

Once the cold is over, it is best to rinse the trailer thoroughly. The salt sprinkled on the roads during winter can accelerate corrosion. The sooner you remove the salt, the better for the longevity of the trailer. You can go to a carwash but doing it yourself manually gives you the chance to thoroughly inspect the vehicle yourself for any paint damage and corrosion problems. Be sure to check the underside of the vehicle, quite a lot of dirt can collect there!

Get your trailer ready for summer: tips for tipping and moving floor trailers

  • Start by thoroughly inspecting the outside of your trailer. Check for signs of damage, such as cracks, dents or rust. Repair or replace damaged parts to ensure the structural integrity of the trailer.
  • Clean and lubricate moving parts: think about hinges, joints, sliding mechanisms, ratchets, fasteners, etc. Use a thick lubricant to prevent rust and ensure smooth operation. Use grease nipples to squeeze out old and dirty grease using a grease pump. The grease will have become heavily aged and contaminated over the winter.
  • Inspect the hydraulic systems: continuously switching between high and low temperatures can cause cracks in the hoses. Therefore, check the oil temperature several times during unloading and make sure you always leave with a full hydraulic tank. Check the systems for leaks, damaged hoses or malfunctioning parts.
    • When doing so, also check the quantity and colour of the oil. If the oil is dark or milky, it is time to change it. Both a tipping trailer and walking floor trailer should have 150 litres of oil in the tank to work optimally.
  • Check plastic gaskets on the rear doors: after years of use, they can harden and crack, resulting in leaking cargo and loose-fitting doors.
  • Check the tyres for signs of wear, check tyre tread depth and make sure they are properly inflated according to the manufacturer's recommendations. Are the tyres worn out? Replace them and take spare tyres with you for emergencies. Have a professional do a thorough check of the braking system, this way you can be sure that you can hit the road safely and that the brake pads, brake calipers and brake lines are in good condition.
  • Test all lights and electrical systems: think headlights, taillights, brake lights and indicators. Do check electrical connections and wiring for signs of damage or loose connections.
  • The paint on your trailer fades faster when the vehicle is often in the sun. Park the vehicle - when possible - in the shade to keep the paint in top condition for as long as possible.
  • When loading and unloading on asphalt, support legs can sink into the ground in very hot weather. You can easily solve this by placing a steel plate under the support legs. These distribute the weight so the support doesn’t sink into the ground.

Get your TIPPING TRAILER ready for summer

  • Does your tipping trailer have a liner? Then be sure to check whether it’s still working optimally or if it needs replacing. Liners can expand greatly, so in hot weather try to park the vehicle in the shade whenever possible.
  • Lubricate the tipping hinges. As mentioned earlier, you can use grease nipples in combination with a grease pump to remove old grease. The tipping hinges are heavily taxed during unloading, extra lubrication certainly won't hurt.
  • For vehicles with a hydraulic rear door, leaving the tilt lever in the tractor down long enough is important. If not, the pressure sensor will signal because the oil expands due to heat and cannot leave. As a result, the locking hooks or the tarpaulin system may open.

Get your MOVING FLOOR TRAILER ready for summer

  • Inspect the floor system for damage or wear. Look out for loose floor sections or damaged parts. Repair or replace them to ensure the integrity of the moving floor system. Be sure to check the gaskets between the floor slats. Make sure these are intact and fitted correctly. Freezing temperatures in winter can cause these to move.
  • Clean the moving floor system thoroughly. After a busy winter period, it certainly deserves a good overhaul. Read more about how to best maintain your walking floor trailer.
  • Inspect the hydraulic systems: the high temperatures of the hydraulic oil can burn the seals of the cylinders. Therefore, check the temperature of the oil several times during unloading and make sure you always leave with a full hydraulic tank. Check the systems for leaks, damaged hoses, or malfunctioning parts. In addition, it is best to replace the oil filter annually.

Thanks to these tips, you can get your trailer ready for a sultry summer. Providing aftercare after the winter and thoroughly inspecting and maintaining your tipping trailer or moving floor trailer will ensure that everything is in top condition. Remember that regular maintenance and repairs improve the life and performance of your trailer, so you can travel carefree during the sunny season and beyond.

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