Discover the 7 ways we improved the tipper underrun bar

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Discover the 7 ways we improved the tipper underrun bar

We are constantly looking at how to improve our vehicles for drivers. The updated STAS underrun bar for tippers manages to create more ground clearance when folded, it’s more ergonomic and safer for the driver and it is also lighter, allowing you to carry more payload. In addition, the underrun bar is repairable and modular so you can easily tailor it to your specific needs. This is how we help drivers hit the road with peace of mind.

More ground clearance

The new STAS underrun bar maximises ground clearance in the raised position, making it easier to unload over sills as well as reducing the risk of damage. Thanks to the new underrun bar, the tipping trailers can be used in all unloading bays.

This is all possible thanks to an extensive redesign of the closing hooks and ladder. The closing hooks were redesigned to create space under the body, and the extension ladder was replaced by a hook-in ladder that saves space and is safer and more comfortable. All this allows the underrun bar hinge to be mounted in the highest possible position, maximising ground clearance.

Lower tare weight

The new underrun bar is about 60 kilograms lighter than the previous one. This is because we have switched from steel to aluminium profiles as well as implemented new, lighter supports. The lower weight of the underrun bar makes work more pleasant for the driver but also means that more payload can be transported per trip.

Ergonomics & safety

For getting in and out of the trailer body, we replaced the extension ladder with a hook-in ladder that is a lot safer and more ergonomic. Designed to be simple and light, the ladder hooks into the rear section. Because the ladder reaches the ground and is hooked in, it is very stable and safe for the driver. The ladder can be hooked in on the left or right according to the end user's preference.

To minimise the force when folding the underrun bar, it was decided to use torsion springs on the manual underrun bar. This paired with the lower net weight makes folding up the underrun bar more efficient and pleasant for the driver. In turn, the securing pin is firmly anchored to the support and has an ergonomic hinge handle so that the underrun bar can be locked in the correct position very easily.

Repairability & modular design

The underrun bar is modularly designed to make it easily adaptable and repairable. The underrun bar is modular enough that the manual version can be converted to the pneumatic version.

Multifunctional mounting slots allow easy addition or replacement of parts such as hinge handles or mud flaps. The pre-drilled hole patterns for the tow pin and securing pin also play into this modularity. This ensures a low total cost of ownership (TCO) and a high degree of flexibility.

Pneumatic version

The pneumatic version of the underrun bar does not require the driver to do any operations himself. Even placing the securing pin is no longer necessary thanks to the rod cylinder that keeps the underrun bar under tension both when folded up and down. Bumper rubber is provided to reduce noise when folding up the underrun bar. In short: the pneumatic underrun bar is more efficient and safer to use.

Closed supports for construction sector

The painted cover plates on the underside of the supports seal the support against dirt accumulation. This prevents cargo from jamming in the support. This saves drivers valuable time cleaning the tipping trailer after unloading and prevents the build-up of higher tare weights than necessary. The payload is thus maximised and there is less cleaning work: double win!


Numerous improvements have been made with aesthetics in mind. The multifunctional mounting slots, cover plates on the sides of the bumper profile, the painted cover plates on the supports... Everything put together makes for a beautiful and recognisable but above all efficient whole, so that everyone can proudly drive around with a STAS tipping trailer.

Impact new underrun bar

  • Ease of use: the most user-friendly underrun bar on the market!
  • Increased ground clearance: maximum ground clearance when folded and perfectly designed according to legal requirements
  • Weight saving: more payload and easier to use
  • More ergonomic: everything to facilitate the driver's handling
  • Modular: easy to maintain and designed for retrofitting and upgrading
  • Design: the whole forms a modern, efficient and harmonious picture