How to operate a moving floor trailer in the best way

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How to operate a moving floor trailer in the best way

A moving floor trailer is equipped with a hydraulic floor system that can automatically push out bulk loads. On top of that, pallets and big bags are also easily loaded and unloaded with a walking floor trailer if your trailer is equipped with flat floor slats. So, let’s dig into how best to use your walking floor trailer!

First and foremost: make sure the rear doors and the top sheet are both open before you activate the moving floor system! Other than this, there are 5 steps to make sure you’re using your walking floor trailer in the best possible way.

1. Hydraulic hoses and electric cables

First, you need to make sure the hydraulic hoses and electric cables are connected correctly. There is a pressure supply hose (P) and a return-to-tank hose (T), NEVER reverse these two hoses as there is a risk of damaging the moving floor system and/or the pressure pump.

If there is no indication on the hoses as to which one is which, the hose with the biggest diameter of the two should be the return hose. If everything is perfect, proceed to step two.

2. Hydraulic pressure pump

Make sure your hydraulic pressure pump is set to “high pressure”. For the best performance, the PTO pump should deliver between 90 – 110 liters per minute at 225 bar. If you have to adjust the pressure, have a look at the manual provided by the manufacturer of the truck and/or PTO system or contact your local STAS dealer to do this for you. When everything is set, continue to step three.

3. Turn on the lights of the truck

The electronic circuit to control the moving floor system draws electricity from the lighting circuit of the trailer. This means the control system won’t work if the lighting isn’t switched on. Turned on the lights? Go on to step four!

4. Connect the remote control

Check to see if your remote control is connected to the walking floor system. STAS delivers all new vehicles with an already connected remote control. Once the remote control is connected, you can skip this step as the system will automatically connect in the future.

If you find the remote control is not connected to the system, have a look at the provided manual for further instructions as the procedure for the initial start-up and/or activation depends on the model. Ready for the final step?

5. Turn on the PTO-system

While in the truck, double-check that the handbrake is engaged and turn on the PTO.

Now you’re in the know of how best to use your walking floor trailer, congrats! You can use the remote control or the cable control box. While unloading, shut down the PTO from time to time. Release the handbrake and drive a little bit forward to release the force of the unloading process. Restart the procedure until the moving floor trailer is completely emptied.

When the unloading process is finished, put the moving floor back in its beginning stage.

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Have a look at our video which explains all the above steps with visuals.