More volume, same ease of use: STAS Lang LKW for German roads

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More volume, same ease of use: STAS Lang LKW for German roads

Long LKW is a type of vehicle that is longer than the standard version. STAS provides a moving floor trailer that is categorised in type 1 and is longer than the standard European version. This makes the trailer 14.9 metres long and capable of transporting a cargo of 97.5m³ per trip. The walking floor trailer is the ideal solution for low-density loads, allowing you to transport more cargo per transport or to use fewer trailers for the same cargo.

Very stable frame

A stable frame is essential for a safe and reliable trailer, especially when transporting heavy cargo over long distances. The use of 140-millimetre-high cross beams with extra-wide flanges contributes to the stability and strength of the vehicle. The cross beams can carry and distribute large amounts of weight along the length of the frame, reducing the risk of damage and wear. This results in a safer and more durable vehicle that requires less maintenance, has a longer lifetime, and ultimately ensures lower fuel consumption and emissions per m³ of cargo transported.

Profiles in one piece

With the durable long LKW, attention is paid to materials and ease of use for the driver. For the extra-long profiles for the upper and lower edges of the body and the floor profiles, profiles are cut to size. To avoid welding seams, no profiles are welded together to obtain the extra length. As a result, weak spots are avoided, and we achieve a long walking floor trailer with the strongest possible frame. As there are no welds, it remains pleasant and easy to work with the moving bulkhead.

Strong and safe

Additional side impact protection and extra reinforcement on the frame at the rear axle are provided. Thanks to the special chassis girders, there is extra room for the self-steering axle to turn with it. This allows maximum manoeuvrability; the extra length is only minimally felt while driving.


This type of vehicle fits in nicely with STAS' strategy, which is grafted on People, Product and Planet. For us, it is important that the vehicle is both user-friendly and safe for the people who encounter it as well as being a sustainable product: thanks to the extra-long moving floor trailer, you can transport more freight and optimal emission efficiency is achieved. Moreover, our trailers have the longest lifespan on the market.

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