Configure your own STAS trailer in 4 steps with the STAS configurator

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Configure your own STAS trailer in 4 steps with the STAS configurator

If you are looking for a tipper or moving floor trailer that perfectly meets your specific needs, configure it via the STAS configurator. An easy-to-use interface lets you choose the chassis, body, sheeting system and finishing for the ideal tipper or walking floor trailer to transport your goods.

Using the STAS configurator, you can easily and quickly assemble the perfect trailer that fully meets your transport needs. With a wide choice of materials and personalised options, you can customise your semi-trailer in just a few steps. Do not hesitate and configure your own STAS trailer today via the configurator and discover the possibilities!

1. First, it is important to consider what kind of goods you will be transporting with the trailer. You can select numerous materials in the configurator from the 3 segments: Agro, Construction and Recycling. The tool suggests which STAS trailers are best suited to transport such loads.

2. Now it is time to make your choice. It is always indicated whether it is a tipper or moving floor trailer, the volume of the trailer and whether the chassis and body are made of steel or aluminium. Of course, you can always return to select another vehicle.

3. This is where the real magic happens. Here you can personalise your chosen trailer to suit your transport needs. There are 4 main segments you can personalise:

  1. The chassis
  2. The body
  3. The sheeting system
  4. The finishing

4. The configurator shows a 3D model that allows you to view the trailer from all angles. You can also view the vehicle in various animations: a tipper tipping completely, the rear door opening, ...

Are you satisfied with your configuration? Then you can request a no-obligation quote. We will connect you with a local STAS dealer who can help you with any questions you may have.

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