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Sheeting systems

If you are looking for a sheeting system for your moving floor trailer or tipper trailer, you have come to the right place! We have a wide range of options, from manual to fully automatic sheeting systems, suitable for both tippers and moving floor trailers.

Are you looking for a sheeting system to keep your cargo dry? Then you can opt for the watertight manual sheet. Are you driving many short distance journeys with a lot of loading and unloading? A single winged or double winged hydraulic roof system is ideal if you make shorter journeys and need to load and unload often. The hydraulic roof systems can be opened and closed from the cabin using the STAS remote control, so that the driver does not need to get out every time, it can save up to 10 minutes at every loading or unloading point. In addition, the hydraulic roof systems can also compress the load when closing, which is a great advantage in waste transport.

Looking for an electric sheeting system? Then the Cramaro Overquick for tippers or the Cramaro Overquick for moving floor trailers is for you. These systems are the favourite of many drivers as they easily cover the load and work perfectly in all weather conditions.

Looking for a more lightweight option or want to save some money on a simpler solution? The easy sheeting system for walking floor trailers or the easy sheeting system for tippers is for you. A major benefit of the easy sheeting systems is it can be secured from the catwalk, whereas the standard sheet still has to be secured to the side of the vehicle with straps.

STAS also has everything you need for transporting wood. The lightweight hydraulic sheeting system is specifically designed for wood waste. You can also opt for the double winged hydraulic roof system with double-acting hydraulic rear door which is ideal for all kinds of waste materials. This is a very durable option as it’s very well made with reinforced materials for the longest possible life cycle.

Are you transporting sand? Then the sandnet might be something for you. This system is light and has less bows and a light net instead of a tarpaulin and due to its lightweight construction you can transport more payload.

Specifically for the Ferrostar, STAS has a manually-operated double winged sheeting system that can be opened and closed from the ground by two handles. As a result, you do not need a catwalk. The system also has a lower weight so that you can transport more payload.

All STAS sheets are available in 3 different qualities.

  1. The standard tarpaulins are made of polyester and have a good resistance to breaking and tearing. These tarpaulins are resistant to extreme weather conditions, are highly resistant to light so that they do not fade and have good fireproof qualities.
  2. The Panama tarpaulins are a somewhat thicker and heavier version of the standard tarpaulin. The Panama tarpaulins are used to make the sliding curtain in curtainside trailers and have a higher resistance to breaking and tearing.
  3. The strongest type of tarpaulin that STAS offer is the Carapax. Consisting of a layer of synthetic fibres and PVC, it has a particularly high tensile strength and is recommended for loads containing stones and branches.

Unsure which option is best for your needs? Contact your local STAS dealer, they will be happy to advise you on the right option.

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