THE NEST: Brand new STAS office: five things you need to know

THE NEST: Brand new STAS office: five things you need to know

2023 is not only a brand new year, for STAS it really means a new start. STAS will start the new year by moving into a brand new office building entirely dedicated to STAS. Not only will you see the brand-new building at the E17 exit in Waregem sparkling and shining from afar, here are 5 facts you should know about the building.

A brand new STAS era

On 9 January 2023, a new era begins for STAS thanks to its move to its brand new building. The employees have more than earned the building after their years of hard work and commitment. The building reflects the innovative and modern way of working at STAS and the pride, commitment and expertise of the employees. The outside matches the inside. In reality, STAS only moves 100 metres, but it's a world of difference!

Employees central

At STAS, the employees are at the heart of everything the company does. That is why the brand-new building was designed with the employees at the centre and comfort at the forefront. The building is finished with high-quality materials and equipped with more than enough space for optimal collaboration. Additional meeting rooms are provided, as well as small bubbles for limited and quick consultations or even to make a phone call. This way, everyone can work in the way that suits them best and there is ample opportunity to seclude themselves for necessary focus time. Idealab on the 3rd and therefore top floor, is provided for brainstorming and creativity. Thanks to its whiteboard wall and miles of distant views, ideal for getting inspired!

For colleagues who like to come to work by bike, a bicycle parking area will be provided with showers, bicycle charging stations and even a heated wall to dry wet clothes quickly. In this way, we can encourage colleagues to take the step to alternative means of transport with all the necessary comfort.

Bringing STAS staff together was also central to the design process. For instance, extra large meeting rooms were planned, but there will also be a communal lunch area with an extensive kitchen. This will be christened 'De Smisse', a nice nod to the history behind STAS. In addition, a green picnic area will also be provided so that the good weather and the flower meadow can be enjoyed during the summer. The latter will hopefully also provide a new home for bees as bee hotels will be placed on the new site.


Within STAS' strategy, attention is paid to 3p's: People, Product and Planet. The new office building is designed for employees to develop the best possible product but also to have as minimal an impact as possible on the planet.

Heat pumps were provided under the car park to heat and cool the building in the most ecological way possible. Green roofs and solar panels were provided for renewable energy and charging stations for both cars and bikes in the green car park.

The orientation of the building has also been thought through. The northern side facing the E17 is entirely in glass while the southern side is more screened for optimal regulation of the internal climate. Screens are provided where necessary. A sustainable carpet was also chosen, produced according to the cradle-to-cradle principle (fully circular).


The shape of the building catches the eye. The office building has no fewer than four floors. To make the most of the view, the floors slope over one another towards the motorway. This symbolises a humble bow to the employees who move in, but also a tribute to the town of Waregem where STAS has been located since the 1970s. Thanks to the fully glazed north side, the beautiful panorama and plenty of natural daylight can be enjoyed everywhere.


From 9 January 2023, STAS Office can be found in THE NEST at Eugène Bekaertlaan 24 in Waregem. The new building is within walking distance of the previous office building and emphasises the company's family values.

A grand opening was organised on 30 December 2022 for employees and their partners and children. An official celebration will follow later this year to which customers and dealers will also be invited.

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